Otto Karl Wolf has 23 years experience in the SA Police Services and for the last 8 years before he left the police service he was coordinating the liquor branch of the Narcotics Bureau at Johannesburg Central police station.

Besides coordinating the liquor branch of the SA Police Services, he had trained twenty-two commissioned police officers at the twenty-two different police stations in the correct interpretation and application of the Liquor Act and how to perform inspections at proposed premises for liquor licenses.

This training has not seized as he still advises police officers in his private capacity and very often he is called upon by the Legal Department of the SA Police Services to advise on major problems and uncertainties regarding the Liquor Act.

His extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the Liquor Act is one of his main assets and he is able to correctly advise and consult with prospective clients.

Other than the eight years experience in the police service and in the four years of being a liquor consultant he has built up a remarkable reputation as result of credibility, discipline, trustworthiness, honesty and professionalism.

His visits the Liquor Board twice a week in order to assure that he stays informed of new policies and developments at the Board.